About us.

Metal Spinners, Inc., is a leading independent metal-forming, manufacturing and service company devoted to providing our customers industry-leading metal spinning, hydroforming, deep drawing and other specialized metal-forming services that give them economical and versatile alternatives to stamping, casting and machining. We form steel, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, copper, brass, hastelloy and inconel into a variety of shapes, including panels, hemispheres, hoppers, venturis, cans, pans, shells and other formed metal parts.

Unmatched service.

Even though Metal Spinners is the largest independently-owned business within our industry, we continue to go beyond what’s normally expected. Our broad range of versatile capabilities enable us to produce just about any component part imaginable, and our experienced production team makes products that fit even the tightest specs. Plus, our skilled and knowledgeable service team works to save you money and we set the standard for consistency, dependability and reliability. Frankly, our exclusive approach to customer service is truly second to none. Metal Spinners is a company you can trust and a supplier that exceeds expectations…that’s what sets Metal Spinners apart.

Experience that matters.

Metal Spinners has a long history of success dating back to 1941. But that’s not what matters to you. All you really want to know is: Can we meet your specs and deliver quality parts on time and on budget? The answer is yes.